Authors' Instructions for Final Camera-Ready Paper

There are five steps you need to follow to submit your Camera-Ready Paper:

(1) Revise your paper;
(2) Prepare the final camera-ready paper;
(3) Fill out the copyright form;
(4) Compress all necessary files into one file in the format of ZIP or RAR. Please use your paper ID as the file name for the compressed file and pdf file (Such as 0600.rar or 0600.pdf). Upload the compressed file via the Online paper submission system by August 15th, 2011;
(5) Register in ICONIP2011 conference by August 15th, 2011; please refer to the Registration page.

It is crucial for you to follow the above steps in order to publish your paper. The details are as follows.

(1) Revise your paper as soon as possible according to the comments of the reviewers. You may view the reviewers' ratings, comments, and/or suggestions about the paper in your author's account of the ICONIP2011 Online Submission System (click Online Paper Submission on this page). Please improve your writing if possible.

(2) Prepare your paper in the exact format as the sample paper for LNCS/LNEE. Failure to do so may result in the exclusion of your paper from the proceedings. Please read the authors' instructions carefully before preparing your papers. The sample paper and author instructions for LaTeX users can be found at and Springer does not encourage the use of Microsoft Word, particularly as the layout of the pages (the position of figures and paragraphs) can change between printouts. However, they do provide the relevant templates and sample files for PC ( and Mac (sv-lncs) environments. Please download .If you need more help on preparing your papers, please visit Springer's LNCS web page .

The final paper must be conformed to these detailed formatting requirements. A sample paper specifically for ICONIP2011 can be downloaded here. Each paper is allowed to have 8 pages in the final camera-ready copy without paying extra charges. If your paper is more than 8 pages without paying extra page charges (for the amount of extra page charges please refer to the Registration page) in the final camera-ready copy, we will not publish your paper and we will not refund your registration payment.

(3) Fill out the copyright form.

Papers in the Springer's LNCS, fill out the copyright form I . The title of the symposium proceedings is Neural Information Processing -ICONIP2011. The volume editors are: Bao-Liang Lu, Liqing Zhang and James Kwok.

(4) Submit the following files for your final submission via the ICONIP2011 Online Paper Submission System:
a)LaTeX users, please submit (1) LaTeX files for the text and PS/EPS or PDF/JPG files for all figures, (2) any further style files and fonts you have used together with your source files and that are not generally available at CTAN, (3) final DVI file (for papers prepared using LaTeX/TeX), (4) final PDF file (for reference).
b)Other users (word-processing systems other than LaTeX/TeX), please submit RTF files.
c)Scann signed copyright form

(5) Register in the Conference by visiting the Registration page.